Paruvam 18 Hot Tamil Movie Watch Online

Paruvam 18 Hot Tamil Movie Watch Online

Genre: Romance,

Story: Paruvam 18 is a HOT Tamil movie directed by Sajjan and starring Jayarekha and Sajith.

Amutha goes to spend her vacation in her sister Ranjani`s place,Ranjani and her husband both don`t have kids, Ranjani`s husband blames Ranjani that she`s responsible for not able to give birth to a baby. In due course Ranjani`s husband is attracted by the beauty of Amutha & throws away Ranjani in the streets and Ram Shankar friend of Ranjani`s husband gives shelter to Ranjani. Ranjani gets pregnant for which Ram Shankar is not responsible. Ranjani`s husband was informed that he is not capable to become a father of a baby. Soon Ranjani`s husband realizes about the betrayal of Amutha & he tries to kill her and her boy friend.

The film traverses the path of lust going wrong.

Its an adult B-grade movie.

Starring: Jayarekha, Sajith

Director: Sajjan



Paruvam 18 Hot Tamil Movie Watch Online

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